Rock Landscape Design

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Faux rocks

Ghatkesar What better way is there to add to your landscaping than by adding faux rocks? Faux rocks can have many purposes in your landscape plans and have many benefits. Caves, grottos, rocks and waterfalls are just a few of the rocky creations that transform basic backyard pools, ponds, landscapes and hardscapes. Natural looking rocks can function as simple landscape accents too. A few small stones placed strategically along a pathway, in a planting bed, on the pool deck, or even within the pool, can help unify the design. A faux rock can form a 10 ft high waterfall, or diving rocks, an island tanning platform or a spillway from an elevated spa or upper pool. Rock can also form retaining walls or slides or handrails. The only limit on the scope of a rock creation is your budget.

where to buy prednisone in canada If you want a sandstone waterfall, a lava rock fire pit, or a granite grotto, why not use real rock. There are a number of reasons actually why faux rocks are so popular. Cost is one big factor. Faux rocks are considerably cheaper than finding a rock and having it moved or shipped to you. Weight is another consideration. Pool decks or other structures would fail beneath the crushing weight of rock, easily support faux rocks. When creating water features with faux rocks, there are no mortared joints to leak and seep like real rock features do. It also offers versatility and ease of use, that simple don’t exist in real rocks. You don’t need to bore holes through solid rock to hide the plumbing and electrical guts of a waterfall or hire a crane to hoist rocks into place. Benefits:

Works well in large scale products
Comparably lightweight
Can be customized to the exact color and size that your landscape plans require
Usually less expensive than real rock

Using faux rock is a great way to add that special touch to your outdoor oasis. Whether you want to create a hidden rock cave or add a rock slide to your pool, faux rock is the way to go. No matter what the size of your project is, we can build it.

In your landscape plans, we can add faux rock in various ways including, but not limited to:

Because it is highly versatile, custom construction of faux rock is very useful.

Landscaping rock

Our faux rock artist is detail oriented and will take the time to understand exactly what you want before designing anything. Call us today to get the process started.